Is this Big Enough?

Discussion in 'Grow Room Design/Setup' started by Amarkarian, Apr 2, 2006.

  1. I have a old computer server case and i am wondering if its going to be big enough for a grow box.

    the dimensions are 24 inches long, 17 inches tall, and 9 inches wide. i am a complete noob so i would probaly just use some seeds from a dealer around where i live and ill go to homedepot to buy some kind of light. is my box big enough?
  2. You only have 17 inches to grow, Don't expect much of a harvest at all.
  3. I agree. There are some folks who grow in such small spaces but they are more the exception. You would need to stick to Lowryder and/or heavily utilize training techniques such as LST or scrog.
  4. Maybe Lowryder.......
  5. he has no idea what he is doing haha lol
  6. How did that contribute at all? If you don't have anything helpful or positive to say, then don't say anything....

    As for the thread starter, as everyone else has said, don't expect much from your grow, my advice is to try to find something a bit bigger... or a lot bigger.
  7. yeah before you go buy the lights and get seeds, do some research in the forums use the search button theres alot of good info on this site, you need to read up and get all the info before you grow so your prepared, check out the grow room setup forum to get ideas. pm me i got alot of the info saved
  8. I was quite anxious to grow at one point.

    Not to the point of using an ATX format case though, lol.
  9. I personaly would stay away from lowrider, because you cant clone it, so you gotta deal with males, but thats just my personal preferance. It can be done, and it has been done very succesfully. Ive seen one with a 2 ounce harvest out of a computer case, but it was a lot of work and time. And needed watering like every day, topping, tying down, and a lot of other shit. I would go for a bigger box, like a rubbermaid :) (i love suggesting those, we need more people doing them, lol) at least until you get a few grows under your belt. Or better yet, you could do 2 grows, one in a bigger box and an experimental grow in the computer case, just so you can see how good you are at growing in such a small space. If you do it tho, be sure to take lots of pics and make a grow journal to show people how you did it. Im sure theres tons of people here who think its un-do-able (?) and a grow journal showing it would amaze (sp?) a lot of people. Damn im rambling, lol but you get the point... i hope...

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