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is this BHO purged correctly?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by dafunk420, Oct 17, 2013.

  1. this oil seems different than all the oil I've had before... is it purged correctly? or am I inhaling excess butane?

    it just seems harsher on he throat than any other oil I've ever used

    why is the color so inconsistent? I think that's what is bothering me the most, the two tone color

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  2. Be glad you can get ahold of oil. It's not known around my parts and i can't make my own

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  3. doesnt look very clear, pretty dark, and looks like its full of bubbles. From what I understand clear without all the bubbles is a better quality. 
  4. I'm going to put my money towards no.
  5. Yeah, heat purge it or just winterize it by putting it in the freezer and taking it out a few times a week.
    I made this from a bunch of trim so color usually comes from quality product.

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  6. no
    <span style="font-size:12px;">don't smoke that </span>
  7. It doesn't look very pure. Purge it a lil more. Try taking something like a needle to it and stir it up a bit. I find that always helps me in the end if my stuff is a little under purged.
    First time I made it I didn't nearly purge it enough. Roughly a week later I had pneumonia, no idea if it was from that or not though. Better safe then sorry.

  8. Okay 1. Dont smoke that shit there is so much tane in there 2. Clean it till when u take a lighter to a dab it doesnt firework 3. Should be zero bubbles viewable showing its clean

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  9. thank you everyone for your input... I just didn't feel right about it and wanted to make sure I wasn't just being paranoid

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  10. is there anything I can do to salvage it now?

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  11. I love how ppl just want to say, "Don't smoke that shit!" And don't back up anything with any thought. Just because its not gold or yellow most ppl think its not purged enough, lol. I've bought many grams on grams from clubs( dispensaries) and they are not always perfect either.

    To help the OP better understand whats going on with his BHO there is a test I do that I seen someone mention. The lighter test get a small piece of ur bho then put the flame right on the bho, hell take it as a dab. If it pops or sparkles then theirs excess butane that should be purged out. Now how u do this can be done a few different ways. I'd say the easiest is heat purge. Apply heat and try keeping the temp low the higher u go the darker it will get and more weight will be lost aswell, Slow and long.

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    I most definitely sir, have to stop you right there.
    Winterizing includes washing the extract with ethanol then putting it in the freezer letting the lipids and waxes flocculate down to the the bottom and then siphon off the top liquid, filter it and evaporate/purge, re-scrape and enjoy your clean extract.
  13. It might be safer to inhale directly out of a butane can, than to dab that.
  14. Thanks for the advice! I tried a simple heat purge... I also tried the lighter test and got no pops or sparkles, just a nice melt


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  15. Hell no. I wouldnt smoke it personally.
  16. I would smoke that as long as it didnt firework ur oksy. I make medical grade oil 85%+ thc in cali for clubs and ur ok dont listen to other people

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  17. The stuff you have after your heat purge looks alot better than it did. If no sparks and just melts with the lighter test id smoke it. Everyone who is saying "dont smoke that shit" are probably just some shatter heads that will only smoke shatter and wont touch anything else.

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