Is this better than nothing?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by Arou19901, May 16, 2006.

  1. Hey I have a plant growing in my room next to the window (primarily an outdoor grow, just getting her started), and i was wondering if at nights i should just put it under the 60 watt halogen lamp i have...would that be better than nothing?
  2. Coin toss, but my thinking is probably not better than nothing. Halogen puts out mostly the wrong spectrum and way too much heat. As long as the plant is getting good light from the sun during the day let it rest at night. Curious what others have to say, though.
  3. im kind of in the same boat as you..mine have lights on a time blah blah but i ahve some 75W halogen lights i was going to use to begin with and never ended up using them cause i didnt know much about them.....but if they are getting lots of light during the day then just let it rest
  4. Thanks guys...she is getting a good amount of light during the day, but what about days like today where it was mostly rainy and cloudy without sun.
  5. Halogens are no good. The plant is better off in the dark. To supplement the sun get a CFL or HID light.
  6. yup.

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