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IS this Bad

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Wow ur Crazy, Nov 24, 2011.

  1. Does this look like Bad or ok quality?

    Attached Files:

  2. Waaaay too leafy man
  3. Bad. What Codee said, wayyy to leafy, probably someone's first grow. Or they were just really fucking lazy.
  4. I've had much worse. Roll up a joint or something
  5. Steven, put the rosemary back in the turkey!
  6. MMMMMMM, mexican brick weed aka shwag aka dirt aka, yes that is bad.
  7. Yeah, looks like what I had gotten from someone's first grow. Real leafy, as in, I got an 1/8th of it and clipped off a whole gram in just leaf trimmings =/
  8. That doesn't look a thing like mexican brick weed? That's just not a very dense nug with way too much leaf left on it. That looks like a bad grow. Don't start dissing someones weed that hard if you have no idea what you're talking about.
  9. Haha u mad dude that looks like complete shwag dirt crap weed... Honestly looks like their ain't even a bud under all the dry brown leafs lmao
  10. Your picture is to out of focus. It has some leaf matter that you should cut/pull off. I can see bright green which is good.....I would smoke it.
  11. the color doesnt look terrible (probly not some dank but not worse than mids), but are those leaves or stems all over it? hard to tell from the bad quality pic.
  12. shut up.
    it's not even brown, dude.

  13. Are you literally fucking retarded? You've CLEARLY never even see schwag brick weed.

  14. it dont get any worse than that
  15. No, it's not compressed whatsoever, go fuck yourself.
    But yeah, it's not good, looks like some leafy mids.

    Thank you, I can't stand ignorant people.

  16. Hey fuckface just bcus its schwag doesnt mean its mexican dirt weed even this Canadian knows that so why don't you stfu and get your shit straight
  17. Very blurry, but yea it looks leafy like some schwag. It could be decent mids, but that picture quality is shit.
  18. It's Thanksgiving, be thankful and smoke that shit...
  19. Ha, that stuff looks pretty similar to the weed that was in that High Times article from back in the..80's I believe. It could have been later though not sure. Back then it was considered top shelf, now....not so much. You can still smoke it though! :D

  20. Shut the fuckup , my mediocre mids out dank ur dank anyday

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