is this bad

Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by mike2885, Apr 10, 2006.

  1. i planted a few bag seeds and they are about 2 weeks old

    the small round leaves are turning brown and yellow al they look like they are dieing

    also the tips of the leaves are alittle brown

    is this bad are my plants in troble
  2. At 2 weeks old they are getting pretty close to needing to be fertilized. Usually ferting starts at about week 3 or so but, those little leaves are a good indication of when the plant is ready to be fed. Try them off with about 1/4 strength on some nutes and see what happens. This is all of course providing you don't have soil with nutes already added. How tall are the plants now?
  3. what kind of soil did you plant them in? what kind of lighting do you have on them?
  4. it is pretty much an experiment

    they are in so soil i got from outside

    i got 2 40 watt bulbs

    they are about 4" tall

    do u think it is bad if the leaves are turning brown on the tips and the small round ons are dieing

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