is this bad?

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  1. Ok i have like 5 pet chickens in a cage outside. last night we had grilled chicken for dinner. not my pet chickens, anyways we feed the chickens with left over food sometimes........i fed the chickens with grilled chicken. they ate it all. Are my chickens going to turn into cannibals?
  2. probably not, i dont think chickens have any sort of intelligence
  3. If you wake up to one of these, then your answer is yes.

  4. Haha thats funny as shit
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    I don't know if they'll turn into cannibals, but honestly, I'd pay lots of money to see chickens fighting and devouring other live chickens.

    Just puttin' that out there....
  6. dude..they're not gonna turn into cannibals..they're gonna turn into crazy zombie chickens..

  7. lol, i think cock fighting is the term for that my friend..

    doesnt fly to well in most states im afraid.
  8. yea, that shit is just cruel.

  9. ahahahaha yreyeye chicken fights

    and left over chicken.

    WTF is left over chicken.

    a few chicken breasts cost like 10 bucks at the store. aint no1 getting a piece of this unheard thing called left over chicken.

    shits to expensive to even think about giving to someone.

    my dog wants chicken. ooo you want this here chicken boy? well you cant have it!


    lmfaoooooooooo i kill myself
  10. ^
    How fast do you think you can mail me some of whatever the hell it is you're smoking?

  11. haha, that guy wants to watch cock fighting :smoking:
  12. i had a friend with a potbelly pig... he fed him bacon..

  13. haha thats old stuff get with the new, add two teddy bear hamsters to a cage and watch them fight to the death.
  14. Technically they already are cannibals.
  15. This

    IT might be worse if you fried up some eggs for them. it'd be like a cow eating veal:eek:

    EDIT: fried up some of THEIR OWN eggs
  16. unless they develope a way to build and operate a kfc i doubt they will be canablizing anytime soon

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