Is this bad? lol

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  1. I was sitting here on grasscity a couple minutes ago waitng for my friends to pick me up. Anyways I hear these kids walking down the path that runs through the woods near my house. They stop near my old tree fort and start playing in the woods, there like 6 or 7 years old btw. So im pretty high kind of just watching them in a non creepy way. Then i see one of the kids pick up half a bubbler i had thrown in the woods cause it broke and put it in his fucking backpack lol :eek: I doubt he knew what it was but i bet his parents will :smoking:
  2. looool fuckin kids man

    [ame=]Stoner Kids - Pineapple Express - YouTube[/ame]

    "we dont fuck around, dont worry, dont tell us what to do"

    LMAAAAO that kid is an asshole lolololol
  3. mommy look at this vase i found for you!
  4. They will probably never go by your house again

  5. or if they are cool kids they might always be around your house now lol
  6. they gonna be stoppin by all the time leave some papers next time lol
  7. Or there parents will come trying to score some bud! :hello:
  8. I'm getting old...

    My first thought is "It's not glass is it?"
    I hope you're not leaving broken glass lying around in the trees.

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