is this backpage girl for real or sting

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  1. I wrote this girl w 2 different kik accounts. she send same exact pic to both. - i can see that.
    the first time i messaged her for a fun time, she sent prices almost right away AND SHE DID NOT USE CODE. i read in anohter thread that if they dont use code they are cops. second account i asked some questions and did not bring anything up for a while and she did not send price untill i asked. and she did not offer anything first.
    will cops use kik? she also wants google wallet for half payment... i dont know if i want any record of payment? i mentioned that and she said "lol, they cant use wallet as evidence"
    she offers pics, vids, panties and skype sessions too. would cops do that?
    im thinking of asking for a quick skype to see her nude if i want the full service. to see if she would do that. I cant see cops getting nude on skype for it.
    she only needs like an hour to set up appt, and it will be at her house (if i want) or outcall, not a hotel.
  2. I think it's a win win. You obvs have a micro penis as you have to pay for it so if she's legit you'll manage to bust a nut and if she's police you'll go to jail and they don't care how big your penis is before they run a train on you.

    Hope this helps
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  3. no, just social anxiety and its extream when trying to ask out or hit on a girl in real life situations.
  4. Just get a nice bottle of your favorite drink
    You already have her pics.
    Have a few, look at her picture and rub one or two out
    Save the money and the hassles
    No weirdos or diseases either
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  5. Or buy a flesh light
  6. Ah yeah, the best solution to any sting operation lol
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  7. have one, need some human touch and big boobies to touch!
  8. Just go to TJ like everyone else.

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