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  1. I think this is waaaaaay too big to be even semi low profile, I thought 4feet was smaller (lol im in canada) ...... would 3feet work ok? i want to at the very least put like a sheet over it and put some pictures or something on it so it doesnt ACTually take away space.....

    I dont want it to be very prominent, so it isnt the first thing someone notices when the walk into my room, in case the parents visit or something....... so would cutting a foot off the top work? so it is closer to the size of a dresser so i can stick it beside one and it be sort of hidden?:confused:
    i know bigger is better but bigger is also more obvious and more poeple ask more questions .....
    so, 3x2.5x2.5feet will work maybe?

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  2. you can definately cut some off.

    Also, if you realize your plant will later be pushing it, just use one of those methods to train it to grow where you want it to
  3. SO: under 4 feet is ok, is 3 ok? so i can stick it under my desk or something like that? its gonna be hard to cut off enough so that its 2x2 but is it worth it to do that so i dont waste space?
    btw will white primer or ceiling paint work? thats what i have and since im on a budget......
    will it?
  4. With all due respect Coyote, it was just in the last couple of days that you were asking newbie questions about size of a growspace and which light to buy.

    Commander, yes 4' looks pretty big. But I consider it around the minimum height a beginner should work with. You can grow in less height but to do so you will need to stick purely with cfl's and/or use a training technique like lst. The problem with having to use a training technique is that it is not a great idea for a newbie to get too fancy on a first grow, there already are too many things that can go wrong. A little bit of training might be fine, but not aggressively training from the first month on.

    Starting with 48" height, allow 10" height for your pot off the floor. A HID light fixture hangs 10" from the ceiling. You need airspace between the bulb and the top of your plant, say 12" minimum. As you can see, that leaves 16" / 41cm maximum height for the plant itself. If you go with all cfl you could get that to about 24" max.

    And you want to trim down some height off of that? Gettin' mighty tight in there.

    I think you need to learn to grow MJ up before you try to grow it out.
  5. well im stuck to CFL's till i have a job or something, and i'm quite interested in bonsai trees and that kind of thing too, so it would be nice to just mess around with it this time? i dont even care if its male or female, im gonna be growing with other plants, i'll make cannabutter if anything out of it, if i get a female maybe ill try to dry out the buds or something, this is kindof experimentation for later when i get a better way to do it and some more money :p

    i dont really want it to be huge and i dont know where ill put it if its huge, can you recalculate withOUT HPS?
  6. np toasty, I was just saying how its very possible to cut some off. All he has to do is use a LST or scrog mathod to keep it low in height.
  7. Do you mean can you recalculate or can I? I think I laid it out so you can plug in your own numbers: plant height + pot height + light height + space between plant & bulb = cab height.
  8. I am more or less in agreement with toasty, 4' is fairly short, though 3.5' is about the minimum IMHO. You can train, but your width and depth with that thing limit your ability to do so. Ergo, I would leave it at 4' and figure some other way to maintain stealth.

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