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is this average or did I get screwed.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by kanibal rabbit, Sep 2, 2008.

  1. well I dropped the ball tonight and almost ran out of weed. called my bro and was able to find one of the dealers he doesnt use very often. she was the only one that wasnt out of town or waiting on some. I didnt need much just enough to last me a few days. so I only put up $20. it feels like I got screwed just a bit on this one, but I was expecting this simply because I lack knowledge and this was on very short notice.

    I probably wont be buying from her again(unless its an emergency ofcourse) because she didn't weight it before selling it. ive got no ideah on the weight because I havent bought a scale yet. I dont know what kind of weed it is but it smokes pretty good and blends nicely with the oxy I took, but its seedier than I usually like but not too bad. feels like a 65 of 100 on a density scale.

    what do you think?

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  2. looks good for a 20 sack, looks like some alright mids
  3. Thats a way fatter then a 20 sack of mids, which is good thats about the amount you should get if you spend $20 on middies.
  4. Looks like a little more than a $20 to me, even if there are some seeds in it.
  5. doesn't even matter if you got the right weight bro... LOOK AT THAT COLOR, its brown, not green.
  6. woah these are some pretty kickass mids ive got a killer high right now. ofcourse ive taken oxy tonight, but no more than usual, but my high is considerably higher than when I usually take oxy and have a few bowls. im glad I gave the last gram or so of that free schwag I was smoking to my brother. he had his own but it looked like shit it wasnt like cheap mexican, but it wasnt much better.

    perhaps I will buy from her agian.:smoking:

  7. forget to mention its actually greener in person. the flash from my cam really made it look pretty brown.
  8. dude where i come from a tiny ass town in the middle of buttfuck nowhere oregon that looks like a fat dub when i get dubs its about the size of that lighter maybe less i wouldn't be bitchin if i was yous
  9. Pretty normal or more than normal sir.
  10. Thats a twenty bag of shwag all day baby... I learned that the brown color associated with shwag is actually a kind of mold... And I smoked that shit for years- - - -OOOPpps
    I would go through her again if you aren't findin better and I would get a scale and expect around an eighth or more for a twenty.. Some people get that stuff for like 30-60$ an ounce... Not too bad lookin though
  11. why isnt you lighter brown then.
  12. sources?

    I used to live in schwagg capital USA (the south), and the brown coloring i saw was due to improper harvesting and curing methods, not because of some mold. (smoking mold has the chance to kill you)
  13. i always thought brown weed was from being abused to shit... (bad havrvesting, drying, curing,being stuffed in someones ass as they cross the border lol) but the bag looks good to me! i would use her again.:smoke:
  14. i wish i could get cheep weed like that for rolling joints

    looks good for 20 from looking at picture looks like 1/4
  15. the lighter actually came out several shades lighter in the pic. im not saying the weed itself doesnt have a slight brownish tint, but its certainly more green than brown.

    I noticed a few things about it now that ive smoked it while not under the influence of oxy. its a bit too moist and is difficult to burn, it refuses to cherry.
    it taste a bit off very earthy a slight flavor of fertalizer or compost.
    im actually getting more bud out of it than I had originally expected it was pretty dense.

    all your input has been very helpfull. thanks.
  16. dude i wouldnt feel like you got ripped of because you defenetly got hooked up on that 20$ sack. I would buy 20 sacks like that all fuckin day if my boys hooked me up like that.
    usualy when i get a 20 of mids its like 3.5-4.5 grams, usualy about an 1/8 or a little more.
    Yo and to the people givin you shit about the weed, i would say thats some good mids
    Not low mids but not bomb mids. Just about right in the middle.
    I would call it middle mids.
    ohh and be happy cuz you got hooked up
  17. dont worry mayne that is a good amount for 20.
  18. looks like a 20 to me:rolleyes:
  19. You got yours 20 worth of mids bro lol. I usually only get mids [dont have many connects] and I get around that amount too...sometimes more but my dealer is kickass :D

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