Is this as annoying as I took it to be?

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by weepingduck, Mar 13, 2012.

  1. So... Basically, I was chilling with my girlfriend, my girlfriends grandad and I had went it halves for a 20s with him but he had already bought himself a 20s, leaving him with quite a big bag and fair do's.
    What ground my gears was that we'd halved the bud and started making a joint every hour or so until it came to my last one. It was at that awkward stage where the bud has definitely depleted but no one knew whether it was enough for one or two joints so I just threw it in one and lit it up.
    Her grandad decided to stop us mid joint to "catch his breathe" as he felt like "having a permanent joint" as there were 2 going around. But I felt rude continuing my joint without him. So I left it on him with still half of each spliff to go and he clean out finished my fat joint without passing.
    Now I love my girlfriend and her grandad (not real grandad, just always been one to her, he's way too young to be one as he's 45 and she's 18) but it peeved me how he ate my last spliff and then smoked his tobacco-ey one. I think what urked me was that he had a 20 bag amount left and he dicided to eat the rest of mine in front of me and I wasn't comfortable saying something due to my respect for him.

    Do any of you guys understand my aggravation by this? My girlfriend fails to comprehend.
  2. hmmm fake 45 yr old grandad huh. Sounds like a porn I just watched. :D Call me grandaddy. :devious:
  3. Hahaha, he's a cool stoner guy. She lives with him. I suppose it sounds weirder than it is :devious:
  4. So this dude is 45 and doesn't know the rules of smoking weed :O?
  5. what though?
  6. props to the 45 year old. i say a guy who bangs a dudes 18 yo girlfriend on the dl and then eats his weed right in his face should get an award.
  7. Whats done is done. Go buy some more and smoke up.

  8. hahaha, brutal. :devious:
  9. [quote name='"ElectricWarrior"']props to the 45 year old. i say a guy who bangs a dudes 18 yo girlfriend on the dl and then eats his weed right in his face should get an award.[/quote]

    He must of been a beast in his prime!
  10. Sucks to suck.
  11. These response's pretty much sum up everything I thought of while reading your post. Sounds like an incredibly awkward relationship when its written in a forum thread, but probably isn't nearly as awkward in real life (well, maybe).

    I would be annoyed as well. If I understand you correctly, you rolled the last joint from your shit, and then he decided he wanted his own joint, and it just so happened to be the only that you rolled, with a bunch of weed in it. So you were left to share his not-so-weed-filled spliff with your girlfriend, while the old weird dude finished the big weedy joint. I think you have a right to be annoyed - but it's not really THAT big of a deal. Just get him back next time :)

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