Is this anything to worry about?

Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by drinky, Apr 19, 2006.

  1. can any one tell me if i should be worried about the one leaf that has a little brown on the edges?

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  2. just keep an eye on it. the rest of the plant looks nice and healthy.

    I would get it into a decent pot though.
  3. Hey, Thanks for looking at it, Yea that pot seems to be to small now the roots are growing out the bottom, only a little bit.

    What kinda pot do you recomend? and can i just take the plant out and put it in to a bigger pot, and does it have to be the same type of soil as b4?

  4. you'll want similar soil so it has less chance of transplant shock. just put it in a bigger pot. You will start to see improvements in its health in no time.
  5. Yes transplant like up4 said. You can put it into a 1-5 gallon pot at this point. Tell me, has this plant been fertilized yet? If not than i think your yellowing and brown blotch there is the start of Nitrogen deficiency
  6. So you guys are saying Put in bigger pot step one, and get some Marical grow? (fert)
    They yellow browning has been there for along time but has never really changed.

    sorry to have stupid questions first time growing.

  7. Miricle Grow fert is not great but will work. Miricle Grow soil is terrible. Go to and get some fert from them. Yes transplant into a bigger pot such as a 1-5 gallon size.

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