Is This Anything To Be Concerned About?

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  1. I noticed about 2 nights ago that a couple of leaves were drooping just at the tip, tonight I noticed that one of the leaves was curling up just a bit along the edge.
    Other then that they look fine, good color, good growth.....
    Fox farms organic soil/compost/potting soil/chicken manure (60/25/10/5%)
    Lights: 4-23w 5600K CFL's with 6 more over the plants next to it.
    Light cycle 19/5
    No nutes have ever been fed to it.
    I had them sitting right next to each other so the lights over one plant also shine onto the one next to it. After seeing this I moved them apart in case it was to much.
    So am I just being to paranoid or is there a problem creeping up?

  2. Looks like light burn to me but I cant be positive...

    when your this hated, its hard to be loved.......
  3. I wondered about that myself, but the leaf on the opposite side of the lights is doing it as well.
    I went ahead and moved her away from the other lights just in case and I moved her lights up a couple of inches so I guess well see if it makes a difference...
  4. If the tips start yellowing and curling gets worse it could be a magnesium deficiency. I had an issue with that my last grow and some magnum by Humbold County cleared it up in a couple days.
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    Whats the temp of the grow room.
    How close are the lights.
  6. No sign of any yellowing at all, just what you see.
    The room averages around 80-82 in the day, and low 70's at night.
    The lights were about 3 inches from the plants, I put my hand between the plant and the lights to make sure it wasn't to hot. I've since moved them to about 4-5 inches above the plant, I'm just worried that if I move them to far it'll cause them to stretch to much.
    I keep a small side window open for ventilation and I have a 6in fan blowing on them at all times.
  7. Pic2 is the clue see the leaf margins have curled up too, thats too hot, keep a small fan in their, and a temp probe too, maintain 70f/25c,
    a very brave soil mix indeed.
    Avoid the short stumpy look to your plant by going 50/50 ...add 2 23w 2700k cfl's
    good luck 

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