Is this any good?

Discussion in 'Picture Post Archive' started by illcid, Jun 5, 2003.

  1. hmmmm, this is the worse shit I have gotten in a long time, dont know what to do with this...

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  2. not!!!

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  3. well, it is kind of shity

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  4. Seems really brownish. Odd.
  5. it is kind of brown isnt it?
  6. I hope to good you didnt smoke that stuff!!!!!!!!!! a mold growing on it. Its Black!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...that cant be good!!!!!!!!!!!...oh well....go for it partna...but i wouldnt touch that with a ten foot pole.
  7. I smoked it, got ripped, smoked one fat bowl. It is very different stuff, I talked to the guy and he said he grew it indoor and he never seen his bud get that dark. kind of weird. I hope I dont die, so far im good!

    It is kind of skunky, with a herbal taste. Smells kind of a like dog food. not dog poo...hmmm...Pretty good shit, very mellow, and fast. w00t w00t.
  8. That has some crazy red hairs on it, talk about flowering way too long.
  9. shit looks like the cat caughed it up
  10. so if u liked smoke all of it. but i wouldnt have bought that
  11. I wouldnt come right out and say that was some bad shit becuase i smoked strain that looked like that and my friend got it from a close friend of his who said it was columbian so i wouldnt underestimate it......!!!!!!DID YOU GET FUCKED UP?????
  12. High guys, well, it was different looking shit, but I got pretty ripped. Really heavy high, with a SHARP skunky smell. Pretty good.

    Check out this new stuff. tell me your thoughts. Smoked this stuff, and not as heavy as the last stuff, but sure taste's nice. I like the smell too, more of a evergreen, and really long burnng.

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  13. still really really dark, same guy too, I think its from the south, miami and shit. Not absoutly sure though...

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  14. Looks nice 2 me.

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