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Is this any good?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by RodriguesIV, Dec 20, 2012.

  1. I grew out some Barney Farm's blue cheese and I would consider it a bit of a failure. I harvested the crop with 20% amber trichomes but the trichomes never got very big which I believe was due to heat stress. I now have 8 ounces of what's in the picture and I'm not sure if it's any good. Would this be considered schwag?

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  2. I woudn't call that schwag at all. Looks pretty good honestly. How's it smoke?
  3. I'm not a big smoker and I'm just mainly growing it for family so honestly I wouldn't be able to tell the difference. One person said it tastes like toast hah. I fixed the heat issues and now the trichomes are popping up and looking really frosty which is a day and night difference compared to the run that produced this. I thought I could run 86*F with Co2 but I had open 1000w bulbs and I'd bet the canopy temperatures were more like 100*F since the thermostat was mounted off to the side in the shade.

  4. How early did you harvest?
  5. I harvested when I got a good amount of amber trichomes (20%) and it was at week 12. Normally I think it only takes 8 weeks but the stress probably delayed it.

  6. Yeah very airy bud.. not very dense .

    If you dried and cured it properly it might not taste like toast :)
  7. They're technically not cured yet since I just finished drying them. The stems just started to snap after 5 days and I put them in bags for the cure.

  8. Otherwise it looks decent to me man
  9. I'm glad to hear that it might not be a waste. I was hoping for the dense frosty nugs but I just got a ton of the airy, foxtailing, and plain looking buds. Here's a pic of a branch of the same strain I cloned that broke off at week 5 when I was trying to move the plants around, it's looking a lot better and I am very excited to see what the strain can do when grown with proper temperatures.


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  10. i'd roll fatty's of that bud and smoke it :smoke:
  11. Not schwag..

    Looks decent
  12. What's that, lassy?

    Blue Cheese BHO, you say?

    for a first attempt, shit looks great. The second set of pictures especially. I can't wait to see your next harvest, I bet it'll be infinitely better!

  13. Now that looks very nice. :smoking:
  14. Hopefully I don't screw it up somehow, I'm crossing my fingers! :)

  16. Check it out while it's alive, very pretty.

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  17. That's definitely the schwigity. Yeah right man... If you flushed and cured it right it should still be some decent nug. Plus, come on, it was free man. :hello:
  18. Looks strange, but definitely good. The hairs seem very long. I'd gladly smoke it :smoking:
  19. looks like my first od grow a little stretched and airy but hey its bud u grew at least u didnt pay for it. if it was grown outdoors try giving the bud moretime to mature or try feeding differnt nutrrients. if indoor dont know what went wrong

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