Is This Any Good For The Walls Of My Grow

Discussion in 'Do It Yourself' started by swansea stoner, May 27, 2013.

  1. That would be fine , but you did notice the size didn't you ?? depending on how much you need it may be cheaper to buy a small roll :confused: just something to think about
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    Nice find, if you get the stuff, do a report for us, as me and many others prefer matt white paint, and spend the excess on maintaining our  huge
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    I bought a roll a while back. My local hydro shop had it for under $20 USD and I love the stuff. This is the best I could find online 25ft mylar roll (click me)
    The price is pretty good for 25 feet but the shipping will kill you. Do you have any local hydro shops that you could call up? It might just be more cost efficient to buy a few of the sheets online from the same seller and ask them to combine the shipping if you can't get it at a local store.
    Let me also make two recommendations if you can't get mylar is sufficient quantity. You could buy Reflective Tape (click me) and just tape up the inside of your tent or paint the inside white.
    Good luck
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