Is this an okay homemade grow box?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by JayKirkbride, May 10, 2016.

  1. Hey! My seed is germinating now so I need to prep my grow box! I knew I should of done it sooner :')

    Well here is my box,
    Height - 70cm
    Width - 40cm
    Depth - 30cm

    I put my card and lighter in the box to show the size


    Would this work okay? I don't want a fancy grow box as this is my first time. I've used foil for the walls.

    For the light, I have a 125w CFL. I've heard foil and CFLs work fine together because CFLs don't produce much heat.

    Would it still grow my weed? Even if I lose a bit of weed using this method, that's fine, I just need an easy method to grow so I don't have to buy again!

    Thank you :)
  2. It will still grow, i heard foil like that does nothing for the plant though , how many lights are you using like whats the watts
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  3. I'm using one 125w Red Spectrum 2700k CFL warm hydroponic grow light lamp bulb GES E40 , which I was told would be enough for one plant. I'll try the foil anyway, 'cus a lot of people say it works with CFL's.
  4. But do you know by any chance if its big enough for one plant? I'll have to train the plant as it grows so it won't get tooo big.
  5. Oh forsure, then yeah bro go ahead and try it out keep in mind how long it will take to get some smokeable weed compared to how much you harvest. Idk how much you smoke but it could be a 3-4 months before each jar refill so try to get as much as you can by reseatching methods !! You could get a cool little amount though with that i think
  6. Awesome! I'm feeling very positive about this! How was your first time growing? Was it easy?
    Haha nice, the seed I'm using takes 60-70 days, so I have a quick one :D
    I probably smoke about 150g-200g a month. How much do you think I'll yield with my cheap method?
  7. From what im seeing you are gunna need a passive intake forsure though man and maybe you rig a fan at the top where that hole is ? Gotta have airflow in there unless you decide to leave it open in which case youd lose alot of light
  8. Okay! :) How powerful should the fan be? I don't want to spend too much. And I'd prefer it to be quite small to
  9. Well ive only grown indoors once by myself and a couple of times with my brother, he taught me alot and hed get big ass yeilds lol i have grown outdoor for the past 5 years so im pretty new to indoor growing but i read a shit ton haha and now i got a cool little settup goin on , and im thinking if everyhing goes right you can get maybe an ounce??? Check out peoples grows that are very similiar to yours to see how much they get
  10. Passive intake is just like a hole near the bottom letting fresh air in and the fan doesnt have to be very powerful, just enough to see your foilage shaking around a tiny bit and typicaly the exhaust fan will be pulling hot air out of the top. Plants feed on co2 and turn it into oxygen , so the more fresh air which naturaly has some co2 in it that comes in the better.
  11. Haha nice! Not as much as I thought :p If this goes to plan, I'll definitely have to grow more than one.
    I don't know if you'll know much about this, but the seed I'm currently germinating is feminised so that will definitely be a female, but I have 3 other regular seeds. How risky would it be germinating and growing them in the same box? (I'll have to get a bigger box)
  12. Haha awesome. I have something I can use :D
  13. Idk what your budget is on supplies or your situation as far as security but it sounds like maybe you should put down a little coin for better results, the width of that box is just enough for 1 okay sized plant , look into a small grow tent man i got one for 50$ and its wonderful, double your lights and throw a couple of plants in there and you will get the results you want man, i wouldn't try putting more than 1 plant in there
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  14. Yeah, I know more than one plant wouldn't fit in there :') i was worried one plant wouldnt haha.
    Well, next time I get paid, I think I'll just get a grow tent then :) with the amount I smoke, more than one plant is needed haha
  15. Yeah haha and that bulbs only 20$?? Get like 2 or 3 more and you will get some good enough results to hold you over between harvests
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  16. haha sorted! thanks
    i dont know if you saw my other question, but I have 3 regular seeds (not feminised), would it be bad growing those 3 seeds in a tent? Or would i be better of just buying 3 feminised seeds?
  17. You can grow those 3 too just pick out the males if there is any when it comes that time , and get more lights . I heard since feminized seeds are obtained a unatural way it creates a bigger chance for something to go wrong and the yeilds aren't always as good as a regular seed, but obviously not in every circumstance and its not gaurenteed lol i have 2 feminized and 4 regular plants in my tent right now
  18. Oh haha awesome! so the regular seeds won't effect the female seed while theyre spouting? when would it be too long to leave the male plant?
  19. I dont know exactly when but theres a good window of time between the male showing its sex and it pollinating your girls, when the "season changes" and the females begin to grow buds, the males will simaltaniously release polin. But if kept in veg i dont think the males pollin sacs will bust open for awhile.
  20. And theres a 1-2 month time period before the plant even shows its sex at all so its okay to have them in there

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