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is this an ok setup for growing outdoors

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by imconfused, Jan 19, 2014.

  1. ok so i was thinking to get a big plastic box. put soil in it.make holes for ventilation and grow the plant in the box. i have to grow outside in a forest so is it possible to grow a SMALL plant with only sunlight. i can feed/water it.
    guys i know this setup sucks but i dont need a huge amout. i go through maybe 4-5g a month soooo, tell me what you think and tell me how i can improve it and im not selling. NO GENERATORS. i was thinking to get A seed and start the prosses at home and after about a week move it out. also what time of year is best to start

  2. whoa dude...rethink this plan.
  3. btw im not planing to go and start tomorrow it was just an idea which probably wont happen. but any feed back is great
  4. dude plastic is shit till leach in the weed due tot he sun rays just plant it in the ground n let it grow  people say weed is so hard to grow but its not i grew weed on my desk no sun light mock no special formula just plain seed dirt n water, you only need hydroponics n shit if you have to hide it in side or somthign how do you think weed just grow out in the wild theres no one to over dramatize the growing stages of the plant

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