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Is this an eighth?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Chrome44, Aug 7, 2008.

  1. Just bought this for 50 dollars, apparently its "good shit". Is this an eighth?


  2. From the first picture it looks a little over a gram, I can't tell the quality.
  3. It looks like you got ripped alittle bit...50 bucks for that?
  4. It looks about right. Are the nugs fluffy or dense? The more dense, the closer it looks to be an eighth, but if the nugs are light, it might be a bit short.
  5. Is that two different bags? The bottom one looks close to an eighth, the first one doesn't at all.
  6. maybe if you had another bud or two it would be an eight
  7. They're the same bag, I was just trying to show it better.
  8. Looks like a dub to me. Take a pic of the bud and people could tell you if that was a good price.....if its any type of dank id say that 50 is a decent price. If its thirds or mids then you got jipped. Did you buy from a freind or a new guy?

    bag could be a little bigger than normal?
  9. give or take on the density of the buds its looks pretty straight, dealers these days are all about profit and take pride in shorting you your gram for a little more money. or if your getting it through a mutual friend he/she could be pinching it. invest in a scale and you will never have this problem again with any shady sacks.

    and to the guy who said it looks just over a gram...rofl
  10. That's a large gram.

    I'd say that's somewhere around an 8th, depending on density.
  11. I just picked up a weighed eighth that had five nugs about that size, so it very well could be...
  12. looks about right
  13. Looks about on if it not fluffy.
  14. definitely looks like an eighth. gram??... what type of fluffy nugs are you smokin zyphus? but if it was worth the 50... can't tell from the pics. does it smell, is it crystally?
  15. looks abit brown in the picture,
    go weigh it if your concerned about it
  16. i opened the bag and it smelled really strongly of pot. I also have a scale but its a 25 pound one so it doesnt really help. Im smoking it right now, and so far its pretty good. Ill try to get a closer pic of it, but its my cameraphone so the resolution isnt great.
  17. first of all your dealer is right, its some shit alright.

    just shit tho, not good shit.

    cant tell if its an 1/8... and you shouldnt even be asking in this section cuz your clearly newb.

    it probly is tho, looks like some dense brown grossness :) :wave:
  18. Guess I get fat grams.

    Judging by the first picture each bud is about the size of a keyboard key, put four keys together that's about a gram; just my logic.
  19. Put it on a scale, thats the only way to really tell. some grass is super compact, .35oz is an 1/8th. if you got ripped next time demand to see your weed on a scale. Thats what I always do.
  20. I'm really glad that you get your kicks by putting other people's weed down on the internet. :wave:

    The eighth of Mango I have would probably look exactly like that if a picture was taken on a low quality phone camera. And it sure is dense brown grossness... :rolleyes:

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