Is this amount of watts lighting sufficient for growing 5-6 plants?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by spaceghostbrah, Jan 17, 2014.

    This growbox has only 180 watts for 6 plants. I spoke to one of the livechat assisstants and I was told that 180w is more than enough for 6 plants and that if I put anything higher (400w) id' burn the plants is this true? surely its not since I have seen many people using 400wats HPS with like 4-6 plants.

    This is another growbox and I also spoke to the live assistant he recommended that I bought the add-on 400w HPS in order for 3-6 plants for maximum yields.
    Why is this? why did the dealzer fella tell me otherwise? was he just lying to push his product further? or maybe its because the measurements of the boxses are different
    What do you guys suggest I do?

  2. Man those things are a rip off. I built a 12x4 room two inline 6" duct fan for intake/exhaust. 2 1000 watt ballast with 2 mh and 2 hps lights. 18 5 gallon buckets. All the soil and nutes for less then $1000. Also 180 watts is enough for 1 or 2 plants so thier lying to your face. To get anything worth while get a 600 watt hps. Also if you would order from those websites they look very suspicious. I recommended you research these forums and get a little more creative. Honetly those prices are really high. That cabinet for 900 euros you could easily build for way less. Watch some do it yourself videos and see its not too hard.
  3. in my opinion both of these are complete crap. put together something yourself. for 6 plants you want it least 400 Watts, even then you'll have to keep them small.Mj
  4. No, those kits are shit.  Absolute minimum is 100 watts for one plants and 50 for every additional plant. 
    I suggest you stay away from all-in-one kits and build it yourself. When you buy those things you're paying for the convenience of not having to do the work yourself. It's like a rich kid's starter kit.
    Doing the research needed to build a proper grow area is part of the fun. I'd much rather get a delivery of brand-new equipment to play with than something you just have to unwrap and plug in. Check out this guy's order... ... I'd be like a kid in a candy shop with all that new equipment arriving on the same day.
  6. It's enough for 6 plants in solo cups going 12/12 from seed. Thats not the way to grow weed imo. You could get a better yield out of a hollow dresser than you would that piece of crap. It's 1 sq foot lol.

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