is this all for nothing?

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  1. I've tried many times in the past to grow a plant and I could never get passed germinating the seed. I randomly put shwag seeds in a pot with another house plant when I was high and then forgot about it because I didn't think it was going to grow. Sure enough, I look at my plant a week and a couple of days later and i had this here little sprout. The way it grew out of the pot was wierd and caused it to become crooked. I think it was probably light-starved for the first week of it's life so i think it might be too long.


    When I noticed it, I immediatly put it a couple of inches under two 120w CFLs and the leaves have been growing nicely since. I cracked open the pot that the seedling and the house plant were in and i safely transplated it into a wayyyy bigger pot. I coverd up some of the stem to help it stand up better, but i was scared to cover it up too much.
    I'm trying to grow a couple of shwag plants to learn how to grow and then going to buy good seeds later, so I'm not too too worried about the quality of this plant. My question is though, is this plant too fucked up to mess with or can i make it possibly a decent plant? Should I just cover the stem up some more with dirt and hope for the best?
  2. here is a better picture, sorry guys.
  3. please help?
  4. Get the light down as close to the plant as possible.....about 2 in. from it. You need to control the stretch of the seedling as much as you can in order for the stem to support the next set of heavier leaves.
  5. That baby is pretty stretched. You could try burying it a little deeper, and definately get that light right down on it. A fan blowing on it wouldn't hurt either.

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