Is this alfalfa

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  1. Here alfalfa meal costs £11 a kg and all it is is blended up alfalfa
    So I found this alfalfa chaff it’s organic and says chaff is alfalfa broken up small

    I can’t see added salt it’s just alfalfa as listed but it’s £18 a 22kg bale god damn price difference is wow if anything it’s fresher than the meal

    please tell me I can order this and just run it through my chicken mill
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  2. If im not mistaken isn't chaff just chopped up alfalfa, Timothy, hay, oats etc. Should be fine to use, it's just not ground up into a fine powder. The chicken mill should do the job just fine. If not could always run it threw the mill then a fine blender.
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  3. That’s how I am reading it lol it seems to just be chopped up finely for adding to diets, so I can’t see a single harm if anything bonus as it’s fresher than a meal that sat years aye

    think il order a bag my chucks will eat it too
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  4. Sounds like a good addition to me for your garden and chickens, sure they will like the fresher feed as well.
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  5. image search alfalfa chaff. Looks like good stuff.
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