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Is this acceptable?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Blank Kush, Jun 9, 2009.

  1. I am in need of a dealer. I have a couple connects with "Ok" weed but i obviously want the good stuff. I know a couple people who my friends called and hooked up and all of them saw me. If i called one of them and just said "so and so bought off you and said you may be able to hook me" would that be ok? He has seen me dozens of times but i never really said hello, or talked to him.

    Also just a sub question. What is better DANK weed, but unreliable. Or ok weed a little over regs, very reliable?
  2. personally i would go with the reliable regs, but if you dont get high off the regs then i guess go with the dank. i'd rather have a reliable dealer
  3. Reliability is always good.

    But there is NEVER harm in having another connect.
  4. I'm lucky enough to have a 2 dealers as close friends, and both of them work for each other, so if one doesn't have, the other I'm always getting quality bud. I get some pretty good bud. Some Beasters come around every 2 or 3 months and I get them for regular price, but thats only every couple of months.

    Not to mention I was get smoked up, because I always spark them up when I pick up some bud.
  5. as long as you dont piss off the dealer on the phone you should be fine, the more dealers the better off you are, variety is the spice of life
  6. Dude, it is totally ok. As someone who has dealt before that situaiton happens all the time. ALL the time.

    honestly, he will prob know who you are as well. IF you are still scared have your friend call for you, but def acceptable.

    RELIABILITY IS ALWAYS BETTER. everybody hates the chase. buy the crap/regs if the good stuff comes aruond buy it in twice the normal amount and squirrle that shit away.
  7. Go for the reliable guy first, and when you have some extra money start buying some DANK.
  8. Im not scared but nervous. what if he has no idea who i am and shit goes down. I think he knows who i am, i have been with my friend when he picked up sacks several times. But i wish i could be sure. If i told my friend he would just say give me the money and i'll pick it up for you. Which is ok, but i would rather buy directly from the source, without the middle man.
  9. #9 P to the enguin, Jun 10, 2009
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    while the reg dealer is reliable, hit up the dank dealer.

    he may become more reliable as time goes on.

    is great to have a few dealers to choose from. ( quality wise that is )

    also, i think its okay if he has met you before to randomly give him a call. let him know who you are right when you do. maybe hang with him before you make a deal.
  10. This is what you say to the dealer you've never called:

    Hey man, i got your number from so and so and was wondering if you could help me out.
  11. Just be like

    "Hey man, this is "Your Name" I got your number off of "Good friend you met him through" I was wondering if you could hook it up?"

    A weed dealer is always meeting new people, and if hes cool with one of your buds then he will most likely sell to you.

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