Is this a weed plant or not ?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Ovlad, Oct 8, 2014.

  1. Is this a weed plant or not i got the seed from a friend who is into that ?


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  2. Not even close and it's a sad looking plant...
  3. No

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  4. :rolleyes:
    aren't you late for school :confused_2:
  5. Its deff a weed alright just not the one your looking for
  6. one post here and this is what you posted? just an attention seeker here folks. 
    i mean yeah dude you got some dank nugs there. dry it up and smoke the hell out of it!
  7. Ready for harvest too!
  8. Is that catnip?
  9. No, hon, that is very definitely NOT cannabis. Please run a search and look at a few pictures of growing plants, so you will know the difference!
  10. Looks like a ficus to me.. You're growing that inside your house? :laughing:  
  11. LMFAO I was not expecting that
  12. Haha. Thanks for the laugh buddy.
  13. Google could have saved time and space on the server for that
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    This is a marijuana plant. That is not.

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  15. Lololololololol! I wish we had more law enforcement like you buddy.

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  16. Hahaha

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