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is this a weed plant or not? help!

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by stony420NOMAD, Jul 29, 2012.

  1. So I'm at my usual smoke spot in the woods and I stumble upon this plant that looks like a it could be weed but then again I could be wrong. Help? The picture of it is in my photo gallery
  2. Wheres the pic dude i could tell you in 1 sec
  3. I'll put it as my profile pic cause I'm using my phone
  4. [​IMG]
    Looks like a weed plant but impossible to tell with such a shitty picture.
  5. ^its green so its weed
  6. If only it were that easy.
  7. i dont think so judging by the pic
  8. Can you make the picture any larger? :confused:
  9. That's not weed. Sorry to burst your bubble
  10. No bubbles bursted I was just curious. It was all isolated so it was pretty convincing.
  11. Can't tell, the pic is too big
  12. I think your eyes are too small
  13. Truth is that could definitely be a weed plant, especially if it is isolated from other foliage in the area. It's just going to be impossible for anyone on here to help you at all with that tiny 100x100 picture. Did you smell it?
  14. if it's not weed dont fuck with it and leave it alone if it is dont fuck with it and leave it alone!

  15. Also, Don't fuck with it.

    Oh! and Leave it alone.
  16. Yeah my bad about the picture I know it sucks cause its from my phone. But I didnt smell them cause I didn't expect for there to be any noticeable stench with it being so small.
  17. Well see here's this thing I found it in the area where I was attmpting to grow but my seedlings got dug up by some asshole and then I find these. That's why I gotta feeling that same asshole planted these so he owes me fuck him.
  18. o see i thought you just found it

  19. It may just be the way you're uploading it... Does it appear to be larger on your phone?

    Maybe try emailing it to yourself and then saving it to a computer and attaching it to your post.
  20. from what i see in the pic it looks like a baby, it has the right color to it, but i could be wrong you know after all...

    im just some stupid stoner on the internez:smoke::rolleyes::cool:

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