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Is this a way to make edibles?

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by a.cortez, Apr 14, 2023.

  1. 15grms of hash and coconut oil? I Saw a really old post about it a d i dont see anything more recent. I'm starting with weed edibles and didn't know that you could also use hash???
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  2. #3 BrassNwood, Apr 14, 2023
    Last edited: Apr 14, 2023
    Decarb 240 F for 40 minutes
    15 grams of Hash or Kief
    1 tablespoon of Coconunt oil
    1/2 teaspoon Lecitihn
    Heat 220 F for 20 minutes
    Fills 30 single zero capsules at 75mg each.
    I did a few over 500 of them yesterday.
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  3. You could always chew the capsules before you swallow them.
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  4. Same base recipe then blend with the oil / butter called for in the recipe. This just makes the base oil super strong by being so bioavailable.
    Decarb, Infuse hash in butter = Done.. The particle size is to small to bother straining.
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  5. I don't generally give unsolicited advice, but if you've never used it, go easy at first. It can tear your head off.

    I screwed up earlier this evening. I ate a pretty potent brownie and a while after it kicked in, I decided to boost it a bit with some oil. I grabbed the wrong bottle and did a full dropper of some stuff that I generally only use a few drops of at a time. With the combination of the two I had a hard time making a can of soup for dinner. Lol
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  6. Hahahaha. It's funny. You guys are talking about it like something normal and its like im reading chinese.
    So basically i infuse that hash with the butter. Boil It on low under 140°celsius for 40 minutes? And its ready to cook with?
  7. Screenshot_20230415-072007.png
    240° Fahrenheit.
    Here's a decarb chart with many options.
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  8. And all your advice os w
  9. So that means 230 is ideal?
  10. The best advice I can give you is to follow @BrassNwood's recipe above. He's way more knowledgeable in this than I am. Even more so, when it comes to hash. @Green Dragging, also.
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  11. Decompress If block Hash. Heat 140 F for 20 minutes or until it will break apart and fluff up or crumble. (60 C)
    Decarboxylate 240 F (115 C) for 40 minutes uncovered (hash in the oven on a pie tin)
    Mix with enough Butter or Coconut Oil to make mud.
    20% Lecithin for strength increase
    Heat mud 220 F for 20 minutes (104 C)
    1 drop = 3mg.

    For Cooking add finished Mud / Paste to more butter as called for in the recipe.

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