is this a stupid idea?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Slave2Snow, Sep 22, 2009.

  1. My friend comes to me and sais that he wants to start a grow in my 21 inch tall
    computer case that i dont use anymore. he doesnt want to use lowryders either, hes using some
    other strain that grows at normal height. i told him that the case is still gonna be too small
    but he said its ok cus hes going to use the 12/12 method. ?? ok!?? uh still too tall.. is it?
    if he wanted lowryders than i would say yah it can work but then...

    i ask him how he wants to light it, and he said that he wants to use the fresh2 odor
    eliminating light bulbs. the strongest those come in is 40 watts. which isnt enough? right?
    also i highly doubt those bulbs can mask the smell when the plant starts to flower.

    aside from the strain he wants to use that i think will be too tall. he has to hide it from his parents, not to mention this is his first time growing.

    am i right to think that this isnt going to work, even if his parents didnt find it in his small house?
  2. It can work. LST can help. you may only be able to fit 1-2 plants. you can grow your plants short but the LST. read up on that.

    Also use 2 26w daylight cfls. to vegg.
    then use 2 42w cfls to flower.

    you can grow in there. you just need to do some learning and searching. growing weed can be done almost anywhere given the light and the love.

    ALOT to learn befor you can grow my friend.
  3. this alone should be reason not to do it.

  4. I second that.

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