Is this a steal HPS?

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    Hey guys
    Someone posted a link to this bulb, and to me it looks like a great deal. I forgot who it was that posted it, I jsut bookmarked the site so rep to whoever posted it.

    150W HPS with a ballast for $20?

    I am planning on picking up one of these plus about 8 CFL's for 2-3 plants. Sound okay?
  2. I have always heard, and believe this myself. One should go cheap on everything and do everything themselves in a grow.... EXCEPT on the lighting. Get a good one man, they are like 150 professionally built from the factory on ebay. It's worth it.
  3. Yeah, well originally I wasn't even going to look at HPS, jsut too expensive. I am doing CFL's, I just thought this could give a lot of help for 20 bucks.
  4. you have to wire it yourself.
  5. Meaning with like an extension cord wire? White black and green? Or wire the ballast?
    Still worth it.
  6. ...Which should be pretty easy I'd imagine...

    I assume you only need to wire the power cord right? You could take an old vacuum cleaner or something, cut the cord strip an inch or two of the outer insulation, strip the black and white wire then take some wire nuts and match up the two black wires and the two white wires from each other... plug it in and I bet you'd be in business.

    It does not look like a complicated light anyway, I wired a large security flood light with an old ShopVac power cord before... worked just fine and I got to make use of something taking up space around the house. :D
  7. white,black n green.
    enclosed ballast.
    It's worth it to me. I mean esp if you like CLFs and dont want to spend $ on a hps system this is a great addition
  8. ah... ok 1 more wire than I thought, sounds simple... i might order 3 or so of these, or just get a real 400HPS from InsideSun for $99 and buy a cool tube reflector for another $80... I am so confused on what I want to do for a flowering light. Such a small closet but I don't want to skimp... if I thought I could keep the temps where they should be I'd put a 1KW light in my 49"x22"x8' closet lol. :p
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  10. Hey thanks for bringing that 99$ insidesun 400w system to my attention. Killer deal.. And like you said either with a Coolable reflector or good ventilation that will keep the heat down I assume. Im planning on using a grow tent with that 400w system air cooled reflector. Do you think the simple 5$ 6" inline fans at insidesun will be enough to properly cool the light and ventilate the tent? thanks for any help.

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