Is this a sick plant?

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  1. Trying to find out if this purple coloring is normal? Bottom two are the darkest and the next two seem to be getting worse and the top leaves teeth seem purple an even the new shoots coming out on top.

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  2. need more info...

    what kind of soil? lights? how often are you watering? are you feeding? temperature with lights on and lights off? and your runoff pH?
  3. Soil is Miracle Grow Organic 0.10 0.05 0.05. I water about every 3-4 days but I only use water that has been sitting for a few days. I use about a cup of water and I pour it right at the base of the plant. Lights I have (4) 23 watt 6400k CFL's about 3 inches from the plant. I only gave a weak dose of Shultzs feed .10 .10 .10 I have a fan on all the time but not directly on it. Temp is moderately warm but it gets cool at night.
  4. Sorry the feed is 10 15 10
  5. It doesnt look too bad to me. I could be wrong but iv nev heard of purple being a bad thing. the newer leaves look healthy to me in the pic. and they are sortof pointed upward which is good. Make sure to balance ur ph to the correct level and check daily or every other day at least. m
  6. I gotta learn more about the whole ph balance thing. How do I test it? The top leaves do look okay its just the bottom four that look droopy and more purple. Thanks for the response.
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  8. lower leaves tend to do that. keep a close eye on them!!!!. the top looks nice so far. again i cant speak about the purple color though. ideally ud use a electronic ph meter, but there is a system thats cheep and pretty reliable using liquid drops. typically people will buy a ph up and also a ph down additive for the water adjusting. goog search" ph liquid drop test kit" for a image. sold online or hydro store. do not for the love of everything thats holy use test strips. iv nev heard of them being reliable though could be wrong..
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    How old is the plant? Ph shouldn't be an issue at that size, but then again they don't need to be fed either. Even miracle grow has enough nutes to grow more than a couple of leaves.

    Looking more it looks to me like there may have been overwatering problems, or compaction from the mg soil causing difficulty with the root structure.
  10. Started the germ process on Dec 22 so three weeks old. I only water every 3/4 days and I give about a cup if water if that right at the base of the plant. It might be a temperature thing. The room does get cool sometimes especially at night. I have a small heater on a timer that I don't run as much as I should. I always worry its going to start a fire, but I'm sure it's safe. Ill try warming the room up. Thanks for all the help guys.

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