Is this a seed??

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by albertahigh, Nov 30, 2011.

  1. hey guys, tried this in a couple sub sections but the breeders and the budshot folks wont have it. hopefully i can get some help here...

    just wanted some confirmation whether this is a seed or not, also if anyone knows how long it takes for a seed to mature. anyway heres the pic.

  2. Sorry it's too out of focus for me to guess. :/
  3. did you take that pic with a hd camera holy hell i can smell it through my laptop. and idk wait a lil bit longer

  4. look right in the center of the bud, its green, but it looks like the "bottom" of a seed to me. never seen anything like it in my bud before. ill post up an updated picture tomorrow, might be clearer. i do appreceiate you guys taking a look tho

    :D ya its a sony handycam 10.2mp. pretty good rig, great pictures of the plants as long as i get it out from under my hps. some more close ups here
  5. Dude what kind of bud is this do you know?
  6. That could very well be a seed pod. Looks like there is another one in the upper left corner. Would love to see update pics in a few days. Hopefully it isn't what it looks like.
  7. I would say seed pod and when the seeds black.

  8. automatic lowgirl from advanced seeds. pics in budshots


    hey man, thx for checking her out. i was thinking i saw 2 there as well, not sure how anyone couldnt see that dead center of the bud. also the only reason i wouldnt want the seeds is the fact that this plant is almost done and i might not have the time to let it mature. ill get a new pic up tonight if there is any change
  9. it takes about 4 to 6 weeks for a seed to mature. and after viewing your other pics I would say it is a high probability that it is a seed pod. Expecially after seeing this.

  10. ya that was the whole reason i started searching for seeds in the first place. i thought i got it before she opened but there seems to be a couple sites on her. i was hoping to let them mature, but ive been told the seeds are not to be trusted, which i kinda figured anyway. either way i think i will chop this week as planned.

    thx for all the help fellas, feel free to check out my budshots post in a few days for my harvest!

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