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Is this a scam or legitimate? (long post)

Discussion in 'General' started by angL, Apr 23, 2010.

  1. So a week or so ago i put a craigslist ad up for a ball python. I have decided on a snake, and will be picking it up tomorrow. However, someone emailed me about a snake, and i want to know what everyone else thinks of this. At first I was full out "omglolscammer" but the more the person talks the less scam-ish it seems. Maybe i'm just an idiot and i'm falling for it. Here is the thread of emails...

    (you dont HAVE to read these, but if you skip over, read the pros and cons)

    They attached images as well (which are at the bottom of the thread)

    Usually when they ask for the house address I get suspicious. But the phone number was also included. I never took the time to call but it made me wonder :scratch:


    Again, they are pressing hard to get my house address...

    Decided to be completely honest and see what their response would be

    Now, this is really confusing me. The person is doing some things many scammers would do, but at the same time it doesn't sound like a scammer.

    against her -
    She is from Cameroon
    She is pressing for my house address

    for her -
    she is not asking for money before i get the snakes
    she gave me a phone number (i dont know what to think about that)
    she also wasn't afraid to let me know she is in africa

    I would have dropped this a long time ago...then i saw the snakes.

    This is the first snake
    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    And the second
    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    beautiful snakes, with a very rare patten on them as well.

    So give me your opinion. If i'm a dumbass for taking it this far, let me know. if you think its worth a shot, let me know that as well.
  2. My general rule of thumb when it comes to buying or selling anything online is: "If they have poor spelling or grammar? No deal."

    They are beautiful snakes though.
  3. sounds legit to me when my dad bought a parrot the person who was selling it also really just wanted a good home for the parrot the money was a concern but Bonnie might just be an animal lover and really care about the snake
  4. My general rule as well.

    What is this bit about registering puppies?

    "then we shall proceed with the pythons to the airport here get the puppy register using your names and address and sent the pythons to you and when you receive the python you can now sent our money
    waiting for your reply"
  5. I would stay far away from this transaction...there is more to follow once you give them personal information. Think about the cost of shipping a snake via any parcel service. This screams SCAM.... Procede with caution!!
  6. One can always use an online escrow service for such transations as well.
  7. I don't know dude but what I do know is that those snakes look fucking siiick. I've never seen a snake that color. Is that his regular color or is he shedding? I sound dumb asking that but I need to know. If the seller is offering to send you the product BEFORE he receives the mula then I see no signs of a scammer.

    If the only reason you're sketched is because he presses for your address then send it to another mailbox you have access to; be it a friends house or a P.O. Box. I'm not sure if they allow live animals to be delivered into your mailbox, so you might have to sign for it. Another suggestion for a delivery site is your work address. I just thought of three locations while I was typing this up, surely you can find a place to receive those beautiful animals.
  8. I say no way. Sounds sketchy as hell. Person from Cameroon with horrible english shipping you snakes for free?

    off topic- why are they white? do snakes get the patterns later in life?
  9. Look closely those 4 pictures are all of the same snake. Not two different snakes. S C A M (for many reasons)

  10. They shed their skin regularly and grow some new skin

  11. Damn, I inspected the pictures and have come to the conclusion that both pictures are probably the same snake. This person speaks the truth. Unless they are identical twins. But I don't know if they would have the same pattern on them. If both those pics are the same snake, then it's official. It is a scam.
  12. So the white parts mean they are shedding? I thought it was some strange albino type of snake
  13. When a snake sheds it looks the same as it did before it shed. Just a little brighter. The pattern does not change - the white is not where the skin has been shed. It is half albino.
  14. Scam. I would never buy anything from anyone on Craigslist that wasn't local and I damn sure wouldn't give them my address.

  15. Ah ok. You learn new things everyday.

    Snakes creep me the fuck I've never been close enough to one to notice their shedding. I just know they DO shed, so I thought my post made sense haha :laughing:
  16. Snakes are tasty too though. Sweet chickeny goodness.
  17. BTW I say its a scam. Giving them your address, phone number, etc.. is risky, and its even riskier when the person your buying from asks you for it first. The person might not even be from Africa or Cameroon, for all we know he can be living in your town. The next thing you want happening is a broken in house. Not saying this is true, but could happen.
  18. Alright here's my prediction.

    If you decide to give her your shipping information, shortly thereafter you'll receive a very official looking email from the "airport" telling you you'll have to pay x amount of money (probably a very menial amount like 50 bucks) to have them shipped to the U.S. My bet is that'll be from the same person sending you these texts, not from "the airport". That's how they'll get your credit card info. (and they'd already have all your billing info as well).

    I NEVER have anything from craigslist shipped to me, why risk it? If they can't meet me in person then fuck em.

    Yes, this SCREAMS scam.
  19. And yes albino boa's like the one/ones pictured are extremely rare and are worth thousands, this person's full of shit.

    My friend has an albino boa and he got off his friends dad for 1200, it even has red eyes. Shits ballin :D

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