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Is this a safe thing to do at a random drug test?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by VigCS, May 4, 2011.

  1. Hi all.

    My job randomly tests, and a buddy of mine got nabbed for one today (he's clean luckily). There are over 2,000 employees where I work, so it's pretty unlikely that I'll get nabbed any time soon, but I'm a paranoid bitch so..

    Anyway, my friend offered to pee for me if I get called to test in the next few weeks (I've smoked on and off for the past few weeks, so I want to give it a month before I'd feel safe giving my own). So, my plan is to substitute.

    He said he got called and was asked if he was "free between 2:15 and 3:30". So if I get the call, I'll get in touch with him and he'll pee in my bottle and I'll go right to the test. I'm just a little paranoid about the temperature. Would it be safe to use my own pee to get the temp strip to the proper range and then dump it down the drain of the sink and fill it up with the clean pee? I know they usually color the toilet water but I dunno about sinks. My company uses Labcorp FWIW.

    If I get pee and go right to the test w/ the bottle in my underpants between my legs, I'm sure it'd be fine, but I'm paranoid. Once I get past the initial temperature screening with clean pee I'd be golden.

    Opinions? Thanks!
  2. Dude just shit in the bottle
  3. honestly you could be clean man. unless your a chronic smoker you only need like a week and a half. i would go over all the shit you gotta do to pass but i'm sure you already know. just bring like a small eye drop container with piss so you can just squirt it in.

  4. I smoked two days ago, so I doubt it. I have a little bottle that first perfectly in the gooch, haha, so I would use that. I'm just worried about temperatures more than anything. Hell, I probably wont even get tested...just being really paranoid. It's a good job and I dont want to lose it, haha. Maybe I should quit's not worth the paranoia of the random tests.
  5. nah no need to quit smoking and if it is under your sack then it'll be good for temp. just gotta keep it there for a half hour or so.
  6. if your not getting watched while pissing then get about 1 tablespoon of vinagor and put it in some kind of storage and pour it in ur piss... vinagor lowers ur Ph in ur piss and High Ph is what makes it test postive for THC , opiates all theee shit so yeah Good luck im on parole and i get tested at my house every two weeks and i always use vinagor in my piss and it works like a charm :)
  7. If you tuck it in your balls it will be warm enough.

  8. Thanks. I'll just tuck it in there and assume the temps will be fine (it is body temp down there after all). In other news, one more day of work without being tested! lol
  9. tape a visene bottle full of ur buds piss to ur taint, pretend (maybe not?> haha) u got a super small dick, looks like a stream, i've done this while being watched, pretty easy to pull off
  10. The first drug test I took I used someone elses piss.. Talk about a hassle. If you have a job spend a couple bucks and get synthetic piss.. You can have it in your car at all times and use it whenever. It has everything you need.

    Quick Fix Urine

  11. what the fuck!?
  12. #13 tokeysmokey23, May 7, 2011
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    Sorry dude, ph has nothing to do with positive or negative on tests. From what I understand drug tests look for a byproduct of THC in your urine.


  13. lmao ! i thought it was a dildo at first , or is it ? :confused:
  14. If they catch you off guard and all you've done is weed, ejaculate all over the cup and give it to the cocksucker that tested you. Fuck 'em.

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