Is this a sad day for NJ??

Discussion in 'Marijuana Legalization' started by couldbeMJ, Nov 4, 2009.

  1. If anyone didn't already know, Christie was elected governor.

    From the little research I did I learned he is against even the medical use of MJ, so does this mean there is no hope for full a full legalization of MJ in the state of NJ, unless of course it is legalized from a national level.

    Lets have a discussion New Jersey.
  2. maybe in another 4 years, until then to the shadows we go!
  3. "Republican gubernatorial candidate Christopher Christie says he opposes a bill that would allowing chronically ill patients in New Jersey to use medical marijuana."

    Very sad day indeed.

    I bet the fast food industry will boom, though.
  4. A real republican would be pro legalization because it means less taxes and more freedoms. I don't know what is up with the Republican party theese days though, thats what I switched over to Libertarianism.
  5. Both candidates were both bad choices. I hope Chris brings in medical. Only way i can eat (normally) is with marijuana. Other than that, i basically starve myself despite if i am hungary or not even with food in front of me. Sometimes i go for days without food just because i don't have enough for just a dub.

    Also, us Jersians are about to snap (politically) with all this shit happening to us.
  6. I remember reading that he was for the idea, but the current pending legislation is too lax for his tastes. Maybe if they make some more restrictions he'll change his mind.
  7. Both candidates were rough choices but the Republican, by far, is the lesser of two evils here. Corzine was an absolute sore to society and raised property taxes exponentially in NJ. I think an open minded republican would allow the use of medical marijuana. People have got to be getting tired of fighting this war on MJ so somethings gotta give, hopefully in a positive direction
  8. I guess we are just going to have to wait it out huh, what other choice do we have?:mad:
  9. My thoughts exactly brotha.

  10. i guess so :devious:

  11. What did you all expect?? It's New Jersey! :rolleyes:

    The day something favorable happens in NJ is the day the world ends. Everyone knows how corrupt the state is, Christie won't be any better. I'm sure he won't legalize it or decriminalize it because the state makes WAY too much money off all the criminal charges they slap on everybody and their mother who's caught with marijuana. Ever go into traffic court? 2/3rds of the people that go up to the judge are there because of possession charges, and no one walks outta there without at least $600-$800 in fines and court fees. That's not even counting the people who were actually arrested on MJ charges and facing jail time. All the lawyers are friends with the prosecutors or the judges, who are in turn linked to the state government. Defense lawyers make money, the courts make money, the state makes money. Everyone wins except for the citizens of NJ, who get shafted. That's just how it goes, no one's gonna change that.

    Well maybe Dagget coulda done something lol, he's actually from my town and a family friend, his daughters were in my older brothers' classes. I happen to know he's cool with smoking the reefer lol. :smoking:
  12. this really is getting old.. the whole war on MJ.. why cant they just make it legal already? all itll do is take normal people out of jail. I would be more then willing to trade the much more harmful alcohol for weed...

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