Is this a rumor or is it real?

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  1. Sorry if this is the wrong forum for this question, but I'm not sure where to put it. I have been told that slightly stressing out certain strains (like white widow) during their last week or so of flower, will cause them to push all of their energy into the trics. Can someone verify or at least point me in a direction regarding this?

    Thanks for your help

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  2. um i wouldn't stress them
    all strains put on their bulk in the last few weeks.
    dropping the temp a bit will help trich production tho
  3. some people, including me, do 24-72 hours of darkness before harvest. I haven't tested enough to personally verify the benefits.
  4. Do you typically experience unusual growth when you do this?
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    I have noticed no extra frostiness by doing this. The only thing that happens is I get more white hairs and/or start to foxtail.
  6. Putting WW into dark for the last 2 weeks is what i have read, it will cause trichs to go crazy as the plant is trying to defend itself as it thinks something in the environment has failed so its in life preservation mode. 
  7. I've seen plants go into 72 hours of dark and come out unable to support the weight of the buds. When they went in they stood up fine.

    I'm no scientist, this could be due to the fact that the stems are not supporting the weight due to lack of light, or if the buds actually swell up, but it's sweet thinking that it works and looks awesome.

    Some strains need the colder temps at the end to turn more purple. I've tried that also. Seems to work.

    Hope that helps.
  8. I've seen the same thing when i browsed for seeds on attitude seed bank. The one description for WW (nirvana i think) also said to put the plant into total darkness for the last 2 weeks. It causes tric production to go mad . Apparently....

    Would like to know if this is actually true...
  9. AFAIK resin is higher when the plant is in dry air. Turning off the lights for two weeks of the last part of its growth sounds like it could only hurt it. When you turn off the lights, the temp lowers in the room. Low temps will lower humidity just like winter air is dry and summer is humid. Lowering humidity the last few weeks but keeping lights on allows you to continue bulking flowers while getting more resin.

    Genetics determine resinous sticky buds and sugar leaves. No amount of trickery will bring that out.

    White widow from nirvana is not the one which made white widow famous. That is from mr nice seedbank. They call it Black Widow because places like nirvana have tried to recreate it rather unsuccessfully. Growers started posting their "white widows" sucked and weren't resinous or stoney like advertised what white widow should be. So to seperate their original white widow, they changed the name to Black Widow. Hope that helps
  10. I thought as much.

    My math tells me light = fat buds, so to switch off the last 2 weeks sounds very counter productive. But just saying what i saw...

    Dropping humility towards the end of flowering to increase trics , have seen numerous studies and articles that points toward it being the truth.

    Only other slight stressor i know that adds trics is uvb light.
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