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Is this a record?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by weedaterian, Jan 4, 2013.

  1. I just have witnessed my long time friend smoke exactly 1 lbs. of marijuana (white widow) in a 7 day 4 hour period. Is this some sort of record? If its not (which I believe) what is?:smoking:
    (I did not help in any wayshape or form; he used a hand held pipe)
  2. I wonder what his lungs look like.

  3. My same thought!

    Might be a record, might not be. Either way he's got props in my book:D
  4. nice....i wish i had the ive smoked pounds already
  5. bob marley smoked one pound every week, of the finest herb on the planet during his time...

    I doubt anyone smoked more weed than him in the history of weed smoking.
  6. Wow, that's a little over 2 ounces a day. Just curious what method of smoking did he use?
  7. [ame=]WHY DID BOB MARLEY SMOKE GANJA??? - YouTube[/ame]

    for real, one pound a week for the rest of his adult
  8. He smoked through a small marbled glass bong. And there is a man in Florida that has smoked 115,000+ joints in his lifetime.

  9. He said he used a hand held pipe and wow I can't imagine myself smoking that much in that timeframe. I feel like you'd just have to smoke weed constantly throughout the wholeday and even though that's all our dreams who has the time for that?
  10. your hand would get tired from holding it to your month...have to use a hemp wick, lighters would be killer on the

    almost like cashing the bowl in one hit, exhale, scrap, reload the bowl and repeat for hours and hours....wouldn't you finally just fall asleep?
  11. i wanna be like bob
  12. Well you see he took a weeks vacation and is a HUGE stoner. I gave him 1/2 oz. for his "adventure" thats what he called it. He watch all the True Blood seasons and ripped and ripped and supposenly only slept 14 hrs in that week.
  13. He would have to smoke an oz every 6 hours without sleep so I call bullshit on this.
  14. Also used lighters I believe? And his hand did cramp a few times.
  15. 50/50 hybrid....yeah, the indica kicks in after the sativa effects...

    unless a stimulate was used as well, like coffee.
  16. ya bullshit

  17. Now I'm starting to doubt this guy, being that stoned and only sleeping that much in a week. It sounds impossible. Maybe his "adventure" was mission impossible. :p
  18. I'm calling BS on this.
  19. I didn't watch him every day only one. I have my doubts too, he assured me that he has done it. If Bob Marley did it every week why can't he do 1?
  20. Okay. Lemme get this straight. So 2 zippers a day through a pipe. If he had 1 gram bowls that would be 56 bowls a day. Probably awake between 12 and 20 hours so we will just call it 15 hours awake. So thats 3 and 3/4 bowls an hour. Basically an eigth and hour. I call BULLSHIT

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