Is this a real roor? ~PLEASE RESPOND~

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  1. Hi my friend got this roor and I think it's not a real roor but he does. We want to settle this, he got it from 420elite com and it was 130 while on sale and the original price 150

    ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1429562584.627614.jpg
  2. it's some nice ass china if it is a fake
  3. Don't take my word for it but I thought roor didn't play the perc game... but I think old US roor used to....

    Again, I'm not positive on that but I always see that logic applied to these threads lol
  4. Soooooo fake lol

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  5. Roor tech plays the perc game.  Germans don't have any.  100% fake.  Tell your friend to clean it and take it back.  He should have only paid half that price imo.
  6. I'm with the rest of the guys, they don't make those for US for sure,that's why old ones are worth so much.
  7. yep, fake for about 15 reasons 
  8. Lol it doesn't get much faker then that son.
  9. That's about as much of a ROOR as I am
    (I am not a ROOR for the record)

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