Is this a real or fake vape cart?

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  1. I can't find any carts that look like this online was wondering if it's real?

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  2. Extremely hard to tell, have you even tried it out yet ?
  3. Is it a real what? Weather or not labels are accurate is really a question of retailer but honestly that package does not say how the oil was made or anything so its hard to say it is fake. It looks real in the sense that it doesn't make any unproven claims. At the same time it says nothing about how it was made. That could be made using isopropyl alcohol, propylene glycol or a host of other thinning agents and it would still be a "real" vape cartridge.Generally people only fake "fancy vape cartridges" that advertise pure oil with natural terpenes.
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  4. Dunno screw it down on that battery n take a pull off it n tell us
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  5. what I mean is is it a legitimate cart made by a company or did someone buy the packaging and fill it with their own oil. I can't find any carts online with the same packaging
  6. Umm "a company" is just someone who makes their own oil and fills the cartridges. Some of the worst ones I have ever seen come from both Bhang and Mountaintop Extracts which are both real companies, just real shitty companies.
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  7. well at least with companies you know what's in your oil when it's just some random guy on the streets you have no idea what they're putting in it which is why I wanted to know
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    Well where did you buy it? Looks like it has the dispensary name right on it. People looking for "real" vape cartridges crack me up. If its in a cartridge, it made with tons of toxic solvents and it all comes down to the purge. As far as I know no state requires products be tested for butane or alcohol prior to sale. Basically no cartridge is tested for purity prior to sale.

    It basically says this right on the package, 86% THC, CBC etc. that means it is 14% something else. What that something else is varies a lot.
  9. That packaging looks pretty shitty and that it could just be bought online to look like med packaging, oil in the cart looks pretty dark too
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  10. if you're not in a legal state then you shouldn't be looking for carts from big brands anyways because those are all fake and SHIT. Your best bet is to procure a local connect that knows what they're doing. Your current approach to finding legitimate carts is counterproductive.
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  11. Oregon and I'm sure everywhere else requires concentrates to be tested for residuals used during the process if the process requires chemicals. rec states are required to put a sticker on the packaging that states who and when the product was tested. Unless you bought it from a store or know the person who did I would say it is fake at least in the aspect of it being from a legitimate company.
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