Is this a real illadelph?

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  1. Hey guys I just bought an illadelph 18 inch straight off of a guy on craigslist.


    He said it's a limited edition philly eagles illadelph, hence the green and white color scheme.

    If you actually look closely at the logo itself, the eagles logo replaces the thing thats usually in the center of the shield.


    I can't seem to find anything about this bong online, but from what I can see, everything looks identical to other illadelphs I've seen except the logos are slightly smaller and the slightly different crest. I've even seen a couple of the iladelphs in the illadelph glass appreciation thread with identical slides.


    Can anyone shed any more light on my bong? Regardless of whether or not this thing is real though, gets me ripppped :hello: :smoke:
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    does it have a 6 hole diamond tip diffuser downstem? Because every tube they make has one, so if it doesn't, then it's a fake. It kinda looks fake anyways because they make some classy stuff. looks good though! i'd still use it lol.
  3. It's hard to tell man. the ice notches do look like they are in the right place. I actually think it's real dude now that I look at it. It's just the used look threw me off. So I think it's safe to assume it's real :bongin: trust me
  4. Idk but it looks like a nice bong so who gives a fuck ahahaha
  5. it looks like a normal illadelph straight tube.. The new ones come with the Shower downstem and the 3 holed slide..

    People dont realize there isnt much you can do special with a straight tube.. most every companies is the same.. its getting into the scientific tubes or worked glass that makes a company "good".. Illadelph overcharges for their normal tubes because of their name.. Their production glass isnt anything special.
  6. Yeah I was originally looking for something more scientific, some of those bong gets insane stacking and diffusion.

    Bong only cost me 150 though :hello:, and I've always wanted a to own a straight tube.

    Does anyone know how to go about measuring the glass thickness? The guy i bought the illadelph from told me that he was told by the head shop this was the thickest glass illadelph makes. Is there anyway to verify if this is actually 9mm thick?

  7. some type of calipers to check thickness...

    cant really use anything else that i know off...

    looks real :smoke:
  8. It looks real to me. Compared to my illy straight tube, looks like everything matches up.
  9. So it seems that I have a genuine illadelph in my hands after all :hello:

    Celebrating time :bongin:
  10. Sweet piece!!
  11. mmmmm milk...
  12. nice tube my friend

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