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Is this a quarter?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Eleo, Feb 9, 2009.

  1. Supposed to be a quarter ounce but doesn't seem like it to me. Looks more like a little more than 1/8. I don't have a scale though. A little bit of hairs and it's kind of sparkly in places. I suppose this falls into the category of mids. I spent $30 on this which almost feels right for the amount but it still doesn't look like a quarter to me. Gyp or good deal? Maybe I'm just really paranoid after being gypped so many times.

  2. If I was to guestimate that by eye, you did not get ripped off, well you did but not really looks like some good high mids, and around 5 grams to me.
  3. idk if that's a quarter or not but it's definantly 30 bucks worth.
  4. Cool that works for me. It does seem to be a couple grams short, but I usually pay $40-$50 for a quarter. My weedman isn't really a weedman so much as a bulk-buying stoner who slangs me stuff, so I think he only measures by eye. Well as long as what I have is $30 worth I'm cool. Thanks guys.
  5. that looks like a quarter to me. is the bud dense? but for that price it looks really good.
  6. dude it might not be excataly 7g's but you deffenitly got your money worth

    100% no doubt
  7. Around my city, you find some pretty sketchy highschool kids that sell weed. Lucky if you get that much if you ask for a quarter, heh. That's why I'm growing my own crop this year.
  8. def looks like a quarter to me
  9. looks like you got a deal to me!:hello:
  10. Damn guess I should cop one or two more then.
  11. ...or 8
  12. looked pretty good to me.
  13. Go pick up a scale for $10, everybody should have a scale. :p It could be a quarter, hard to tell and it depends also on how dense it is. But I pay $25 for an eigth, $50 for a quarter and those prices are pretty low compared to a lot of the world, so $30 for that is a pretty good deal.
  14. You didn't get ripped for $30.... Around here that would cost $50+
  15. Sometimes you just get really dense weed. Me and a couple buddies picked up a $250 sack (40 grams) of white rhino and when the dealer gave us our bag we thought we got shorted for sure. But he's never done that before so took it and scaled it and it was actually like 42 and it was just barely over half a sandwich bag high.

    Once we ground it up it looked like a lot more.
  16. lol an 1/8... seriously?if its not a 1/4 its pretty close i think i'd would break out to almost 1/4 and for 30 dollars you definitely shouldn't be complaining.
  17. you got your moneys worth shut up and smoke :D
  18. haha agreed.
  19. If you think that looks like an 1/8th then you must be getting fat ass 1/8ths.
  20. Heh sorry. And I was looking at that stickied guide thread that showed what an eighth looked like and mine just looked small in comparison, but I'm probably trippin' (not the good kind) as usual. :D I just asked my boy if he can slang me another half :cool:

    I probably should get a scale, where can I get a good cheap one?

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