is this a quarter?

Discussion in 'Picture Post Archive' started by burninginahole, Apr 26, 2003.

  1. well is this a quarter, its a big picture, but the actual size is like 4 inches long ways...

  2. A quarter-ounce? Doesn't look like it to me. Looks like maybe 2 grams......
  3. well, was it worth $20 bucks...its just mid grade
  4. big picture! Peace! Im! Stoned!

  5. that didnt answer my question lol
  6. haha looks like oregano to me lol,doesnt look like a quarter,more like about 2 or 3 grams.,peace....
  7. i agree but if it gets ya high it gets ya high
  8. only looks like a couple grams to me too
  9. yeah, 2 maybe three games.. quarter is 6 grams
  10. well, was it worth 20 bucks? or is it really shitty weed?
  11. Quarter is 7 grams, that is not 7 grams, looks like 2-3 grams, in my area that's a good deal for 20 bucks... that is, as long as the shit is of decent stonage quality.
  12. $20 for 2 grams? Eh, in my area you can get an eighth of some good mids for $25. If you want really good shit you have to pay $50 an eighth....
  13. looks really shity to me....see ALL thos seeds, and yeah olny looks like 2-3 gs to me....never in my life have i goten shit THAT eah..what can ya do,...and yes it does look like organo..

    i hope it did not come like that and u broke it up ur slef.....

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  14. oops..this is an 1/8 so dubble that...right?

    (edit)this is VERY dens shit
  15. you got a lot of seeds in there too. That usually means it's not quality stuff, but you can try to grow more of that crap.
  16. it looks like the bottom of the bag, definately not a 1/4...that's all shake as we say here.
  17. yeah, all shake and seeds :(
  18. hehe that doesnt even look like weed man

  19. i rememba u sayin that this was 1/4 in a previous thread Mr SBB
  20. Looks like two grams of shwag to me, which would cost me somewhere around $10...

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