Is this a problem?

Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by smallop, Nov 24, 2003.

  1. hey guys does this sound like its a problem... maybe related to stress?..

    just planted some northern lights/jack herer cross about 3.4 weeks ago and one of the plants looks like a mutant. The plant looks healthy, the thing is instead of having the regular two initial leaves it has three and its continued to grow that way. So instead of having two leaves from every new growth point it has three.

    got my fingers crossed that it just means that im gonna get that much more bud lol. (if its a female)

  2. no problem at all.
  3. it will grow out if it compleatly just let it grow out sometimes it will stay 3 blades and not grow 7 doesnt mean anything it just means that it is a mutation thats all
  4. Its actually a good 3 fan leaves means 3 shoots bearing bud at every iternode...when you flower ( if its female ) you should have 3 large colas on the top of the plant..
  5. that is also interesting. MJ is normally what is called 'opposite' node. this means that there is a nodeleaf on one side...then space...then nodeleaf on another side.

    what u are describing is called 'whorled'. whorled around the same node.

    personally i can see this as a bit of a problem because of light and air access and space for the plant growth but...

    just shows u what happens when u breed without stabilizing the morphology. MJ growers going to work :)
  6. I had one with triple phyllotaxy like that, and it wouldn't grow quickly enough for my taste. It seemed like it got completely left behind by it's siblings. Decided to get rid of it because there were so many fan leaves on top that it had no lower growth. Just before I pulled it from the grow it split into two tops on it's own, both carried the trait, thus compounding the light situation. But you paid for your beans . . .


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