Is this a potassium deficiency?

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  1. This is my first sucsefull attempt at growing hydro but have had some issues i think mostly ph but I believe i have solved that. I'm wondering if this is a potassium deficiency?
    Any advice is apprieated!
    2 125 cfl's 1 is 6500 1 is dual spectrum 2700/6500
    ph is 5.8-6.0
    ppm are 350
    nutes are Dyna-gro plus small amount of superthrive and aqua shield due to higher res temps.
    No sign of root rot bright white roots with fishbone structure.
    Light cycle 18/6.
    I know the ppm are low but if i increase i get signs of burn..
    I tryed fimming the plant I think i missed because i got 3 tops instead of 4 but unfournunatly I broke one of the tops a week ago trying to train it back it was grtting really tall I was able to clone it though so no big deal still learning all of this.


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