Is this a OK way to make BHO?

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  1. [ame=]Butane Hash oil extraction.Best method !!! - YouTube[/ame]
    I want to make some of my own butane honey oil and this way seems like the easiest way to do it. Also you can find mason jars just about anywhere. I don't have a VAC purge but could i still get pretty much all the butane out of it if i put the honey oil over a pot of water just under 120 degrees for a hour or 2?
  2. I'm probably looking at using a glass tube for the extraction though. My LHS has them for sale.

    Is their anyway to make high grade BHO without doing the VAC perging? Like if I put the oil under a pot of water around 110 degrees for a while would it be enough to get most of the butane out? I'll be using bud to make this oil and not trim, or shake.

    This is the kinda buds im looking to use





    Im really looking to do my research before making some oil for myself. Looking to use a ounce at a time. Just looking for some tips from experienced BHO makers before making it myself. I really do want to make the best BHO possible.
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    seems like a pretty good different method, only thing of concern would be a possible slight decrease in yield
  4. Yeah I haven't seen this method before and I have tons of mason jars so it would be more convenient for me instead of taking a trip to my LHS.
  5. The tube would be best IMO, but give it a shot and try an extraction tube next time to compare the yield

  6. Do you have any pointers on purging BHO? Thanks for commenting by the way :)
  7. Purging with only heat just takes time.purge untill theres no crackle or sizzle and it tastes clean

  8. In general, how long does it take to purge with heat? Also would it be fine to put the pyrex dish on a pan with warm/hot water having the stove on keeping the water warm and let it purge that way? Im assuming a couple hours would be enough time?
  9. Look in my signature for purge times and temps.

    If you dont have a vacuum I would blast into a small amount of ISO or everclear and allow it to purge at 100-110 for 24-48 hours.

  10. Thanks man!!

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