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Is this a OK way to make BHO?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by smokinbudzzz, Jan 3, 2013.

  1. [ame=]Butane Hash oil extraction.Best method !!! - YouTube[/ame]

    I want to make some of my own butane honey oil and this way seems like the easiest way to do it. Also you can find mason jars just about anywhere. I don't have a VAC purge but could i still get pretty much all the butane out of it if i put the honey oil over a pot of water just under 120 degrees for a hour or 2?
  2. It should work. I melted a lb about two years ago. All I did was use a wooden kabob stick to gently stir it while it sat in a pot of very warm water. Just make sure all the propane bubbles get out. :smoke:

  3. Use an extractor into the glass dish. I wouldnt use a mason jar at all.

    Then use the budder method of criss crossing while its on the glass

  4. I heard that criss crossing it while butane is still in it isn't good because butane gets trapped into the oil. I don't know if this is true but I heard it from somewhere. Also why do people use the VAC method to purge if you can get the butane out with warm water?
  5. Is their anyway to make high grade BHO without doing the VAC perging? Like if I put the oil under a pot of water around 110 degrees for a while would it be enough to get most of the butane out? I'll be using bud to make this oil and not trim, or shake.

    This is the kinda buds im looking to use





    Im really looking to do my research before making some oil for myself. Looking to use a ounce at a time.
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    I have heard this but i have used this method twice and both times the oil turned into a nice sustainable budder.

    It was easy to handle, and it was made great.

    It tasted AMAZING and it did not burn or hurt your lungs. It felt great and strong

    I have tried un purged bho in the past. It tastes like crap and burns your lungs.

    People use vac purging because it is a hell of a lot faster and easier.

    You can vac purge for 30 mins or hand purge for an hour + that is if you have alot

  7. IMO you will be just fine with the criss cross method if its done correctly.

    Those nugs look great to use!.

    your going to want to break all the nugs into .1's (i know a pain in the ass but do it) then extract with all .1s. You will return 3-4 grams. Then grind up the nugs to get all the surface area and re run this time using less butane per pack on the already used bud. If you only returned 3 grams this is where your other 1-2 grams will return.
  8. Hill Billy Oil! Thats what we call that where im from. Id just go with the more traditional way, with a tube extractor.:smoking:

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