Is this a Nute burn or a Light Burn

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  1. A little more information for yall, my Blue Dream is 5 weeks old today and just started to flower last week. I gave it a quarter dose of Advanced Nutrients Sensei Bloom part A and B (quarter dose of each) and also a half dose of Voodoo Juice (since this is less likely to burn the plant). All the rest of the plants seem unaffected by the dosage and are actually enjoying it and growing proper. This is what leads me to believe it is more of a light burn. My grow room temp got up to 90 degrees (I live in a hot state, and it is since dropped in temp) and the LED light was approximately 9 inches or so from the top of the Blue Dream.

    Please Help and let me know what you all think.

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  2. Iv never ran led before fixing to start my first in a few weeks. But i would say it isnt heat or light stress 99.9% of the time i say heat and light stress is gonna give you leaf canoeing you are at the beginning of a clawing looks like to me. Just my 2c
  3. I don’t see burnt tips to indicate nute burn. And light burn would make your tops leaves yellow. I think those brown spots may due be a calcium deficiency. Add cal mag and see if brown spreading stops

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