Is this a myth or a fact?

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  1. is it true that a bongs/ bubblers get you more high then for example joints or bowls, if its the same amount of weed being smoked... iv heard that the THC percentage you take in is different with different methods of smoking :confused:
  2. I can't confirm but i'd say that you get the same high but you just can take much more weed in a single rip with a bong so you get higher faster.
  3. Joints/blunts/papers burn while you're not hitting them. Bowls can be snapped or put out after each hit so no smoke is wasted.
  4. generally when you hit a bong or a bubbler, it takes less to get high (.3-.5) when rolling joints and blunts, it usually takes around 1-2gs for me.
    (when smoking dank)
  5. Anything with water will get you higher than straight burning, but not as high as vaporizing. It's more efficient, you get less lost to the air and you can usually tolerate more of the cleaner smoke.
  6. you're probably gonna get bitched at for posting this in the seasoned toker section haha
  7. This probobly isnt correct but just some estimations, but I think bongs/bubblers give u like 60-70%(?) of the thc content or something? vs 20%(?) with joints/blunts
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    Did I do it right?
  9. According to the only clinical trial studies I've read, Bongs/Waterpipes do filter out some of the cannabinoids/THC, so that would mean that no, in fact they get you less "high."

    That said, thanks for water, carbon filter and glass design percolation, I am able to smoke a lot more than I personally could with a dry pipe or joint. Same for vaporizers, I'm able to ingest more of the medicine thanks to the delivery system.
  10. It's kind of a myth.

    If you smoke the same amount of bud in the same amount of time you will most likely achieve the same effects regardless of method.

    Bongs burn bud quick but deliver a larger hit than a j at one time.

    Joints probably wont give you the same size hits and waste more weed. As well as spreading out the smoking over a longer period.

    High per amount of bud used probably goes to the bong. I like jays myself.
  11. I find that i get the highest when i smoke a vaporizer or a bong or even bowl compared to a joint or blunt.
  12. You get higher faster with bongs. I dont see why you wouldnt get as high with a bowl because you shotgun all the smoke but with joints at least for me you dont inhale as much smoke as you do in bowls and bongs

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