Is this a MALE???

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  1. okey i think this plant is a male can any one tell are some pictures. its in 10th day in flowering.....

    This is a Close up
  2. wait a few more days, if a white "hair" emerges you got a girl, grape vine a boy.
  3. thanks for your reply anyone else...ill give it few more days to grow out but if anyone has any advice on this plant's sex.:eek:
  4. Yes, give it a little more time. Post more pics in a couple of days.
  5. I dont know looks like a male to me.
  6. I'm leaning that way too but want to see clusters of balls before I advise to yank it.
  7. yeah, that looks like a male ball, but there's only one. I'd wait a little longer and see what's going on.
  8. Thank me later.

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  9. one ball.. could be a hermie :p but yea wait a few more days
  10. male, no chance to be a female i think, u shouldn't waiting, i should cut it of and buy femini seeds and grow them...
  11. feminized seeds still sometimes turn out to be male, and they are extremely expensive... eff that.
  12. i know, i know;) but femini give you more chance to become famale, it's 80-90% or more for seeds form better seedsbanks. expensive that mean good:) our hobby is expensive, if you're ecenomical you run the riks for smaller harvests
  13. id have to say thats a herm or a male ...... prob herm .... pull off its balls as they appear n you will be fine.... if no pistil appears .... OFF WITH HIS HEAD!!!
  14. slow down,,, dont be so quick to pass judgement yet,,,that pod could throw white hairs out any day,,,,1 of mine took at least 16 days just to show sex,,,after the other 5 had done showed thier sex,,,,just keep a eye onn that pod,, if it extends itself ANY and has a oh so small stem connecting it to the plant its male,,,it will still be inmature so no worry of pollen,just get rid of it,,,,, if it splits and shows 2 white hairs,,, youll learn to take some advice with a grain of salt,,,,,a lot of people have suggested to pull it up,,,it aint showed you nothing yet exept its starting its cycle,,,,now is when you really get close to it and look for that stem,,,, you wont have to look so hard for the hairs,,, they shoot out long enough to where,when u see them its hands down a female...:cool: :cool:

  15. I agree. There is no rush. The males take about a month to be mature enough to release the pollen so you have time.
  16. I'm with these guys. I ALMOST cut a plant the other day because I was convinced it was a male or, at best, a hermie. I gave it another day and discovered the beginning of the hairs starting to protrude. I would have been guilty of murder had I not had patience.:D
  17. Yes. Preflowers on MJ can be very tricky. Even advanced growers can be fooled sometimes.
  18. Well The Truth Is This Plant Was A Male Cause It Has Alot Of Balls In Clusters And I Know That Its Not A Female Cause The Preflowers Where I Cut It And Chucked It Yest It Was A Definite Male.
    Thanks For All You Guys Help

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