Is this a male.

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  1. 422C9351-2CAF-4927-B8F4-DF15835CEF45.jpeg I had seven plants. Now I’m down to two. It’s not looking good .
  2. Female, congrats
  3. [​IMG]

    Be very sure before pulling.

  4. My bad I thought they looked like calyx but I guess they are in the wrong place.
  5. At the moment I’m still concerned. Since I see a few ball like structures
  6. I’d say hermie actually with all the pistils
  7. If one is a hermaphrodite . I have what looks like another female.
    I have to get rid of the herm. Is that correct.
  8. It looks like you have some maturing seeds forming, possibly self pollination has occurred or if outdoors pollinated by another.
  9. Looks like a herm to me. You can try clipping off male parts as it goes. Or separate from the other female. Itll seed but you will get some smoke.

    I dont kill herm plants. I use the bud from them same as a female. But you have to separate it from your female.

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