Is this a male plant?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by HookC54, Feb 2, 2013.

  1. get better pics
  2. Here's a better one a few nodes down

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  3. Still tough to tell, to me anyway. Don't see any pod development myself but it could still be early.

    Stems looking pretty red, what strain are you growing?
  4. All of them have dark red stems. It's a strong indica that's all I really know.
  5. So today I went up to the growroom to check on the plants and turn on my fans etc. and the one plant I was 90% sure was male had white hairs coming out of everywhere and the ball stick thing turned out just to be a leaf. So that was an awesome surprise. The plant I posted about on this thread is most likely a male because the balls are just getting bigger.
  6. great news
  7. Indeed. More news to come within the next few days.
  8. So today is day 9 of flower. I removed the suspected male plant because I was sure it was male. Now have 3 healthy plants left and its a good thing because now the plants are getting more watts. More updates soon
  9. Alright it's day 21 flower. Sad news is that Only have one plant left. She's looking real good tho. Does this look like good progress to you?

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  10. whats your pH like?

    leaf tips are burnt, I think you may be overfeeding and at the wrong ph.
  11. I dont think hes overfeeding I think your severely Underfeeding when the stems turn purple means there hungry atleast thats how my plants tell me. or your Overfeeding so much its causeing lockout. but nuteburn usually starts at bottom of plants.
  12. Nute burn starts in the new growth.. ;) under feeding is shown in the older growth.

    I agree with you on the stem color though.

    Somethin is "off" so to speak. I still think it's the pH.
  13. The purple stems are part genetics I believe bc all plants of this strain that I grew had the same color stems. The leaf tips burnt Are a result of nute burn from a month ago. Other than that how does my bud growth look?
  14. Have a ? Guys if I have a male plant can I just pic the "balls" off and let it grow???
    Please need help
  15. Well what do you plan on doing with it? Sounds kinda pointless to me

  16. SURE!!!!


    It will NEVER produce buds....


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