Is this a low yield?

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  1. 4 plants (bagseed) -
    400 watt metal/hps -
    Soil - Promix BX
    Worm castings - only nutrients
    Veg - 7 weeks
    Flower - 7 & 9 weeks

    Yield: 1 & 1/2 ounces total?
  2. Maybe 1.5oz per plant, what size pots you gonna use?
  3. Well I already harvested and they were 3 gallon pots.
  4. Yea that seems low, pics of the plants?
  5. Yes, that seems a little low. Those are rather short plants for having vegged 7 weeks. Sounds like something stunted them.
  6. the first plant i grew. random strain in 5 gallon bucket. with some cheap ferts and cfls i got 1 oz
  7. The potted plant is about the size of the other three. One was a bit smaller. Any ideas how to get the yield up?

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  8. I didn't use any fertilizers on the plants. With the exception of some worm castings.
  9. Dude, your plant is like missing a large portion of leaves and shit. Did you use some weird trimming technique while growing? Or is that like, right before harvest and you've already trimmed it?
  10. That's it, no trimming.
  11. I don't even... are you fuckin with me? Check out my grow journal dude, look at the leaves and bud n shit how it is, I'm about to post an update with more pics though.
  12. If thats untrimmed then those are horrible genetics. Try again with good seeds.
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    These plants had very little problems. Budget grow. They smell and taste sweet. Most of the leaves had fallen off at time of picture.

    That's week 8 of flowering.
  14. That is a sad little runt of a plant, your bag seeds were probably from some shitty growers in mexico. But congrats on your first grow, its a learning process.

  15. Were there any adverse conditions? I mean it looks like it was stunted real badly. Did you use a funky light cycle, watering cycle, or something like that?
  16. During the veg the lights were on most of the day. Flowering was 12/12 . Watered once a week maybe twice. 3 foot x 3 foot space. 3 gallon pots. Lots of snow around the buds. Aroma good and taste clean. Like I said this was a budget grow. Appreciate the feedback.
  17. Yea, that's pretty low. I'm leaning towards genetics... get yourself some decent seeds.

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